Aging Gracefully No. 4 – Creativity-Newness-Productivity “My Toaster Huggee”

It’s So Cute!

Toaster Huggee Black- Bella Stainless-Steel

Truthfully, as I sat in my kitchen in my new space looking at my new Bella Stainless Steel Toaster, I said (out loud) “It’s so cute!”

Next, I thought, “How can I keep air-borne germs, dust, dirt, ants, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, small flying insects, and you know, just whatever from floating into my open toaster slots?” Bam! And the idea was birthed to make a cover that protects only the opening!

My Toaster Huggee

So let me introduce the Toaster Huggee.Toaster Huggee Toaster Cover

If you’re a germaphobe like me, you’re having nightmares about the dust particles and other stuff that can float or fall into an uncovered kitchen counter toaster.  I’ve got a solution for you that will not only keep the germs away, but will add a little style decor to your kitchen. After you’ve paid a pretty penny for your designer toaster – why cover it or put it away in a kitchen cabinet. Display it prominently, accented with my Toaster Huggee. No, it won’t slide off, but will hug metal and stainless-steel toasters.


Toaster Huggee Toaster Covers- Various Colors

I’ve been flooded with new ideas before; Just like when a new song gets in my spirit, if it stays there then I believe I am supposed to do something with it.

Are there enough germaphobes like me who don’t want to cover their stainless steel or metal toasters because they’re cute, and match the kitchen décor? Going for the gusto, in my mind…. probably millions! I need to sell this thing…. right? But that would entail starting from scratch, learning how to sew, what materials to use, and finding out how was it going to adhere to the toaster.


Who does this at my age? Me! I do! Creativity, has always been one of my passions. Newness is exciting! I love getting something brand new – who doesn’t?  And Productivity keeps me vibrant, awake, alive, and useful. These attributes are required as we move beyond our sixties passionately. Idleness is boring; retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be. For me, and other sixty-plus year olds, understand pursuing purposeful lives is extremely rewarding.

Toaster Huggee Toaster Cover Side View Blk&White

You’ll find my item on Currently, I only have four variations for the two-slice metal or stainless-steel toasters. I will be uploading a few more colors this week. All of the items are handmade and are 100% cotton. Some of the fabrics are more lightweight than others, and are durable. These “Toaster Huggees”  toaster covers are washable in cold water with like colors and dry on a low temperature.

I am going for one size fits all, so unless otherwise noted, the Toaster Huggee is 13 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. If you’d like a size or color made to order, just let me know.

Why is it called a Toaster Huggee? Because it hugs the sides of your toaster and won’t slip off. I know corny, but I love it!

Feedback! Yes, I welcome it. Please, feel free to let it all hang out!

As always, you can respond here on my website or if you’d like to send a personal email, please do so at:

Purchase the toaster huggee at!

Be blessed, encouraged, and promote the creativity, newness, and productivity in your life and find the you that is still going strong!


Some Times Eye


I (eye) can be introverted and extroverted

Compassionate or unfeeling

Influential and yet powerless

Self-centered yet thinking of others more than myself, realizing it’s not about me



I can be very approachable or very reserved

I can appreciate a crowd, yet cherish being with myself



I can be all things to all people (once describe as a chameleon)

Yet I can be happily “just me”

My diversity seems to be my undoing

My inconsistencies seem to work against me rather than for me

It’s difficult to find and maintain meaningful relationships

Sometimes – I (eye) find myself …….

                            ….. HUNGRY….

Thankfully – G.I.M.R.A.

God Is My Refuge…Always

Sixty, Sexy, and Getting Better—Aging Gracefully Beyond Sixty

Oops-you’re Sixty!

Where exactly did those forties and fifties go? Aging can sometimes sneak up on you, especially when you’re having fun, are productive, and just plain busy. You paused for a brief moment and realized you’re beyond what’s considered middle-aged. It’s a high probability that marriage, children, grandchildren, and other wonderful events have resulted in more years behind you than likely before you. Relax, it’s quite alright. Aging gracefully beyond sixty is attainable and actually a pretty awesome place to be.

This is the age where you can put regrets behind you, develop fully your inner beautiful, and teach others life lessons that proved to be important to you.

No Regrets 6489623615_a330c191fb_z

Why bother with past regrets? The fact is, the past remains unchangeable, and regrets may ultimately bring you into a negative space, which can be emotionally unsafe. When reconciliation, forgiveness or making things right is a possibility and if your inner spirit pushes you towards this, then by all means move forward. However, if these things aren’t a reality for you, then you must forgive yourself, resolve yourself, and free yourself so that you can move peacefully forward to an emotionally healthy place as you age. Then you are helping yourself and others in a positive and holistic way.

Being Beautiful

5437070898_cee17ac7df_mAging gracefully involves nurturing an inner beauty that will radiate in your smile, personality, and the way you interact with people. Beauty is truly what lies within your heart. A beautiful soul shines through.

Facing the reality of becoming a physically mature person will ease the gradual transition of an aging face and body. If you’re fortunate enough to migrate into your 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond, take into consideration that reduced energy, wrinkles, lines, and gray hairs are generally inevitable.

Of course, you don’t have to take these changes lying down. Stay active, engaged, at your best weight, and eat appropriately, but also understand outward youthfulness at some point will mature and reach refinement. Retaining the beauty that lies within, the beauty that relates to attitude, character, spirituality, and graceful maturity is the one that truly matters.

Teaching Others

Whether you like it or not, you are someone’s mentor. A young person’s eyes are on you. They are examining how you respond in certain situations. How many times have you heard someone make a remark about how a mother, aunt or grandmother influenced a specific area or idea about something? So make the best of life’s lessons and pass down positive tidbits. Be aware of what you say and do, and how it will impact those paying attention to you. Aging is about taking responsibility for future generations and understanding that your life matters in so many ways to others.

The great thing about being 60 is even though you’re leaving a great deal behind you, it’s also an entryway to some wonderful experiences yet to be realized in front of you. Regrets and forgiveness are reconciled. You are more decisive, thereby making decisions and choices that are healthier, emotionally and physically. The word grace refers to elegance and refined movement; it refers to the free and unmerited favor of God; it refers to honor by one’s presence. Therefore, embrace aging gracefully beyond 60; it’s an awesome mantle to carry.

Image via Flickr by Jason Howle; Image via Flickr by Justin Vidamo;