Maddy’s Organic Oatmeal Cookies

Maddy’s Organics positions itself against traditional foods that are filled with preservatives and additives. Every item it sells will be 100% organic and will use all-natural products. Maddy’s Organics will sell primarily fresh and packaged food items, but will also sell a small amount of eclectic holistic and natural items for personal and home use.

The first introductory item is Maddy’s Organic Oatmeal Cookie Treasure. These cookies are for the alternative health-food consumer; however, it is also a cookie that anyone will enjoy. It is 100% organic and gluten free. There will be several varieties. These cookies are for those that may not have time to cook a hot bowl of oatmeal, and don’t mind spending a little extra on healthy alternatives. Maddy’s Oatmeal Cookie Treasure will also offer a low-sugar option to address the dietary concerns of type 2 diabetics.

Maddy’s Oatmeal Cookie Treasure is for the health conscious consumer. The primary ingredients are oatmeal and oat flour, pecans, walnuts, flaxseeds, raisins and cranberries and dark chocolate chips. Yummy!

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