Just Me: Discovering Life…

Just Me - Book Front Cover

Just Me–Discovering Life Through Creative Expression is an eclectic offering of thought provoking anecdotes, short-stories, plays and poetry. The author masterfully weaves the reader through her characters’ struggles and triumphs beginning with the voice of a pre-teen, and ending with the voice of a mature woman. Each entry invites the reader to travel on this marvelous journey; hoping the traveler will glean along the way, treasures to embrace for a lifetime.

 This book is the author’s impression of life as she relates to: God, Jesus, love, racism, death and peace. It speaks about mistakes made and lessons learned. The essay, “A Fat Girl’s Letter” will send a message of empowerment to many women. Several of the entries are written in black dialect, such as the play, “I’m Free” and the poem “Granny’s Prayer.” The short story “The Blood Issue” tells a wonderful narrative of a miraculous healing. It is a must read! One is sure to find a favorite among the collection of work presented.

 This anthology is both fiction and fact, as the author provides a glimpse into her past with notes on how a particular poem or essay evolved. The author presents a diverse body of work. The life situations are ageless and will speak to women and men alike, sixteen to sixty, and beyond.


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