Aging Gracefully: Walking Equals Improved Memory & More!

Move, Move, and Move Some More

While this is not a plug for Leslie Sansome walking videos, the morning I decided to get back moving I used one of her one-mile walking videos. I committed to me as part of my continuing weight loss journey to finally add consistent movement to my life.  Although I have a gym membership, it’s been dormant for several months. I was just not motivated to get dress, drive, and then exercise?! That was asking a bit much.  Walking with Leslie by using several different routines on YouTube have been just what my body needed or as some would say just what the doctor ordered.

Forgetfulness Collapsed!

The surprise benefit after a few weeks was improved short-term memory. Yes, often I’d ask myself – if I took my indapamide, a low grade high blood pressure medication and water diuretic pill that day?  Sometimes it would be only a few minutes after I’d just taken it. Boy, did that frustrate me because I didn’t want to take it twice! Most times I would figure it out, but I didn’t want to sit and think about it. And then, one day I noticed it was easier to remember! That was exciting, and it doesn’t take much these days. LOL.

Drug Free: What a Wonderful World

Another surprise. I was convinced I needed to lose at least thirty more pounds before I could stop taking Indapamide and this was my ultimate goal. I’d already eliminated Glimepiride, a low dosage diabetic medication, when I lost my first thirty pounds. Hallelujah! As I continued my quest to lose weight, I found by simply walking with Leslie, I was no longer retaining water, and my blood pressure was okay too! Down with Indapamide! I am now drug free!

Stepping For Fitness

I gifted myself a fitness watch for Christmas and I’ve been monitoring how many steps I walk most days. I try for at least one-mile which is 3,000 steps. My low per day is 3,000 and my highest is 6,000 to 7,000. Haven’t made it to 10,000 steps which is 5 miles, but it’s coming. I enjoy using the fitness watch because it reminds to move, and then I can congratulate myself when I do!  Fantastic motivator! I try to do things, you know, like taking stairs instead of an elevator, and parking far away from an entrance. Something I find a little more enjoyable is walking from one end of a Target, Wal-Mart or mall, you get the picture, to add a few more steps. Just don’t take your debit card!

And the Results Are:

By moving—just a little bit—walking with Leslie a few times per week, I’ve achieved:

  1. Increased short-term memory
  2. Eliminated medication (I am now completely drug free and that’s a blessing!)
  3. Reduced excess water retention

So, walk with me as we continue aging gracefully.