Wow it has been a minute!

A lot has been going on. Well it seems like a lot! I am in school full time now, I have full time mom responsibilities, and all the other stuff! I have not written a term paper in like – what thirty years or something. So having three in front of me is a daunting task. Like give me a boring subject and expect me to write 3000 words? It’s been difficult, but I am getting it done.

I have been a little down and out, maybe it’s the dang Chicago weather! I need a little sunshine in my life. I am working to make life a little more interesting but it has been a challenge for me lately. I feel like I am a triangle lately, trying to fit into a square. I have been in back in Chicago for 5 plus years, and I am getting an itch to move someplace! Not back to LA, just someplace. Hummmmm

I had to put my book on hold, until I can get these term papers done – whew. But please folks hold me to getting it completed before the year ends. School is out in about 4 weeks, so I will get it done.

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas!!!! I purchased my first gift last week. So it’s real! It is after midnight so I gotta to.