A Really Good Day

Today was fun! I got off by butt and did 20 minutes of walking; I worked on my music; I did laundry and touched basis with a couple of friends over the phone.

I am feeling really positive about myself and my life. I know that greater things are happening right now!  Not all are manifest but I know they are going to happen. I believe that 2011 is a phenomenal year. I cannot wait to see all that God is going to do. I see dreams coming to fruition, not only for me but for many. Good dreams, amazing blessings.

Blizzard: Chicago 2011


As I was driving my family around today I am grateful that I was able to get my car out of the garage, and get down the streets when others still cannot get their cars clear of the snow. 

This is Chicago, this is a snow city, this place does not stop for anything! The schools don’t close, people go to work, stores and restaurants stay open, but not this time.  I believe God said stop, wait, sit down. This is a blizzard thunderstorm – I’ve got some business here in Chicago. You ain’t all that, I AM!

I know He made me stop, wait and think. How about you? And my travel for this day has not ended.  I still need to pick someone up so they can get to work tonight.  Wow!

February 2, 2011

I’m out here in chicago and literally stuck inside my crib. It’s one thing to not want to go out, but it’s quite another to not be able to go out. It certainly makes you appreciate the “ordinary” things in life. So I do look so forward to Spring!  I know it’s a way off but that’s okay.  I will take it one day at a time.

Since I had to spend so much time with me, I decided to clean my bathroom – yippee! Felt good. I also did some mental cleaning, and finished phase 1 of a project I am working on. So I guess you can say I should get snowed in more often?